About Us

About Us

B&D-Farmall-MwebHanke’s Custom Services, LLC was officially launched on January 1, 2012 by Brian and Dawn Hanke, but it all started long before that.

At a very young age, Brian began creating and disassembling just about anything to see how it was made while working with his Dad on the farm repairing equipment and building whatever was needed. After his Dad sold the dairy farm and moved to a hobby farm, Brian began buying antique farm equipment to repair and bring back to life for use on the hobby farm.

Brian’s passion has always been the repair and creation of mechanical equipment. During high school, Brian took every shop class he could and every shop project had to be the best. He always wanted to learn more. If he was not working in the shops at school, he was working in the shop at home. During senior year, Brian had the opportunity to work in a machine shop through the school to work program. This experience only increased his passion to build things and learn new techniques.

After high school, Brian went on to technical school for Ag Diesel Mechanics to further enhance his skills. He has also taken classes in CAD and Tig Welding.

For almost two decades, Brian worked for a manufacturing company. Most of those years were spent working in the R&D Department designing, machining, welding, and bringing ideas to life. This experience further enhanced his skills and allowed him to continually innovate, developing creative solutions to unique problems.

However, owning their own business has always been their dream and over the years, Brian and Dawn patiently built their own shop and stocked it with tools while creating or repairing equipment and parts for their collection of farm equipment, other businesses, as well as neighbors, family, and friends.

Today, Brian and Dawn have realized their dream and are business owners, managing and running their own machine shop. Whatever your mechanical challenge, Hanke’s Custom Services will find and build a creative solution.