Having an expert agriculture and industrial machine parts repair partner is essential in meeting your production schedule and keeping your customers happy.

Bring in your broken and damaged machine components, and Hanke’s Custom Services will devise a way to rebuild them so that they last longer and work better than the original. This will save you money because you won’t need to buy expensive replacement parts that come with the same weaknesses.

If the component is worn out and beyond repair, Hanke’s Custom Services will manufacture a new part that is as good or better than the original.

In some cases Hanke’s Custom Services will redesign the functionality of the component to make the machine as a whole work more efficiently.

Repair Case Study: John Deere 52 Garden Tractor with Broom Attachment


Broken Shaft for Broom Attachment

The shaft for the broom attachment on this tractor was breaking out of the end plates. The owner ordered a new replacement assembly for $500 and asked Hanke’s Custom Services to weld the new assembly in place.

After close evaluation of the factors contributing to the break, Brian discovered that the same weak points that caused the problem in the original part were still apparent in the new replacement assembly.

Brian recommended to the owner that Brian re-design the parts and create a new and improved assembly featuring end plates that are three times as thick. These stronger plates would make the shaft stronger and help prevent future breaks and long-term, repetitive expense.

New, improved assembly with stronger end plates

Brian applied this solution to both the original and replacement parts for a cost of $125 for one, which was less than half what it cost for the new replacement part from the manufacturer. Each time the client experienced a broken shaft he would have spent at least $500 for a replacement assembly and installation.

Assembly with thicker triangle flanges installed and welded in.

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